Since the 16th century, the Raucher farm, nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Bavarian Alps in Germany, has been owned by the Berger family. Their intimate knowledge and relationship with the land and their agricultural heritage has been passed down from generation to generation. Their mountainous hills, mineral rich soil and high rainfall, provide the ideal conditions to cultivate uncontaminated and organic rich meadows from which they produce premium forage feeds which are biodiverse and species

appropriate. Agrobs grows and produces feed specifically for horses and herbivores.


In 1990, the Berger family starting producing their forage feeds which are now sold in 15 european countries. Agrobs own or lease the land from which they maintain the highest standards of production, this is under strict guidelines as laid down by the Association of Agriculture for Organic Land Management whose close monitoring and inspection of production ensures the quality and safety of their forage feed. Agrobs are also certified by GMP+ and FSA (Feed safety association) which guarantees the quality and hygiene of their feed production.


The health of your animal is of paramount importance to Agrobs. Its ongoing research and science continually develops and improves new products, providing an outstanding range of forage feeds that are nutritious, 100% natural and of the highest quality. The Pre Alpin range has a product to suit all horses and will tempt the fussiest of eaters.


Agrobs Pre Alpin products are very low in sugar and starch, ideal for laminitics, EMS (insulin resistance) and PPID (cushings). Please see individual products for analytical content.