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NATURMINERAL - 3kg £22.99 & 10kg tubs £49

Agrobs Naturmineral is rich in vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements providing the daily essentials, even at the lower dose in the daily feed, it will compensate for the feeding gap resulting from grazing, hay or cereals.
Important vitamins and trace elements, such as vitamin E and selenium for muscle growth, brewer's yeast for healthy intestinal flora, B vitamins zinc and biotin for skin, fur and hooves are often lacking in normal hay-cereal feeds. Thanks to Agrobs Naturmineral, this deficit can be balanced effectively.

online store senior min pellets.jpg

SENIORMINERAL - 3kg £24.99 & 10kg tubs £55

Seniormineral meets the needs of the senior horse. Older horses have different mineral requirements than their younger colleagues and this should be taken into account in their daily feed in order to ensure their good health, well-being and strong physical condition well into old age.
Seniormineral’s recipe is based on AGROBS trusted dried green fibre which meets all the nutritional demands of a healthy diet without the addition of cereals or molasses. Seniormineral also delivers readily available nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin C in order to maintain good muscle structure and strengthen the immune system. Linseed cake, brewer’s yeast and selected oils (sunflower and linseed) stimulate digestion and ensure a beautiful coat. In short, the body is supplied naturally with all the necessary vitamins and fatty acids required. Fruit, vegetables and rose hip round off the recipe making Seniormineral a valuable and healthy contribution to the well-being of your horse.
Seniormineral from AGROBS is suitable for all types of horse. Thanks to the low starch and sugar content and the complete lack of cereals, the feed is also perfect for sensitive animals such as those suffering from metabolic disorders (Equine Cushing Syndrome, Equine Metabolic Syndrome) or allergies.


OMEGA 3 PURE  1litre bottle £13.99

OMEGA3 PUR is a composition of cold-pressed oils, linseed, camelina and Lallemantia iberica (dragon’s head) providing an especially high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as natural vitamin E.

Oils are considered to be an appropriate energy source for a ration low in starch, sugar and protein. They provide a high content of health enhancing substances, e.g. omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for regulation of blood clotting and health maintenance of blood vessels. Further, they are a substantial component of smooth cell membranes which serve as junction for the cell nourishment. Thus, they support, e.g. skin cells in absorbing important nutrients. Therefore, the administration of OMEGA3 PUR quickly becomes noticeable through a shiny coat.


Omega-3 fatty acids can support the organism in case of inflammatory processes in the body. They add a final touch to every balanced ration.

Feeding Recommendation

  • for supply with high-quality fatty acids: 5-10 ml per 100 kg body weight per day

  • for energy supply: up to 20 ml per 100 kg body weight per day (increase gradually)

  • in case of liver problems a high oil supply sould be avoided

Zinc Pure Cannister.jpg

ZINC PURE  800g cannister £16.99 & 3kg tubs £45

Signs of zinc deficiency include skin problems such as scurf from sweet itch, poor hoof quality, allergies, change of coat or a weak immune system.

Agrobs Zinc Pure presents a practical solution helping to balance a zinc deficiency. Zinc Pure delivers high-availability organically bound  zinc for effective use in the body.


The specially selected composition including air-dried meadow grasses and herbs as well as linseed makes Zinc Pure particularly tasty, even for fussy horses.

Area of use

  • specifically for balancing a zinc deficiency

  • for skin, coat and hooves

  • to strengthen the immune system


Feeding Recommendation

  • 5 g per 100 kg body weight per day

Large horses: 30 g per day (600 kg body weight)
Small horses: 20 g per day (400 kg body weight)
(1 level measuring spoon = approximately 20g

Brewers yeast.jpg

BREWERS YEAST PURE  3kg tub £17.99

Agrobs only use the pure brewer’s yeast, which is not bound to the dreggs of the spent grain. AGROBS BREWERS YEAST is also appropriate for horses with a sensitive metabolism as part of a grain-free diet.


The high share of naturally contained B vitamins and amino acids makes for a versatile supplementary feed that fits every diet and enhances the nutrition of every horse of every age.


This product is produced without the addition of molasses, artificial flavourings and preservatives.

Area of use

  • shiny coat, strong hoofs, healthy skin

  • provides natural B vitamins and amino acids

  • improves digestion and feed conversion rate


Feeding Recommendation

  • 25 g per 100 kg of body weight / day

Large horses: 150 g per day (600 kg body weight)
Small horses: 100 g per day (400 kg body weight)
(1 level measuring spoon = approximately 20 g)



Dried green fibres, brewer´s yeast (inactivated), extracted linseed shreds, rapeseed oil

onlione store amino pur cannister.jpg
online store amino pur pellets.jpg
online store amino pur bucket.jpg

AMINO PURE  800g cannister £24.99 & 3kg tubs £55

Poor muscle tone despite regular training even with an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals? This is often caused by an insufficient supply of essential amino acids. Amino pure is an amino acid supplement designed to support healthy muscle growth. Created from a combination of amino acids derived from spirulina.


Amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins which form muscles. To benefit from training and exercise horses need to receive amino acids to support muscle growth.

Amino pure’s special composition of air-dried meadow grasses and herbs, spirulina and linseed makes it especially suitable for horses with delicate metabolisms. It can sensibly compensate for a deficiency of essential amino acids without overloading the metabolism with excess protein. Amino pure is rich in highly available amino acids – particularly threonine, methionine and lysine.

Amino Pure is a real alternative to Equitop Myoplast but without the sugar coating.

Area of use

  • in case of low-protein / grain-free nutrition

  • easy keeprs (horses and ponies)

  • for specific supply with essential amino acids

  • in case of high need during muscle enhancement training

  • young horses during growth, carrying or lactating mares

  • old horses and horses with a thick coat


Feeding Recommendation

  • As a cure, feed over 4 to 8 weeks . Feed directly before or after training for optimum results

  • 15 - 20g per 100kg body weight per day (1 level measuring spoon = approx 20 g)



Prenatura® dried green fibres, Spirulina, linseed