Frequently asked questions


Q: Are Wiesencobs (Meadow cobs) grass pellets?


A: No, they are very different. The cobs are hay cubes, made up of over 60 grasses and herbs from Alpine meadows. The unique and careful processing ensures the rough structure of the fibre is maintained for your horses intestinal health. Horses constantly produce acid to breakdown what they are eating therefore the fibre needs to be coarse.


The Wiesencobs can be used as part of your horses feed ration or as a partial/full forage replacer.



Q: Can horses with poor teeth eat Wiesencobs?


A: Yes, if you soak them. Every horse likes a different consistency, some like it soupy others prefer just moist. DO NOT feed dry as this may cause choke. Alternatively use Wiesenflakes or Pre Alpin Senior which are ideal for veterans.



Q: My horse cannot eat grass or hay anymore - can you recommend what I should feed?


A: You need to create a 'hay net in a bucket'. For the most economical feed we would recommend you use a combination of products:-


1. Soaked Wiesencobs or Wiesenflakes (60% of the feed)

2. Soaked unmolassed sugar beet (30% of the feed) eg. Speedibeet - after soaking make sure you rinse thoroughly to remove excess iron


After soaking, mix the Wiesencobs and sugar beet together - stir well and add extra water to get the right consistency that your horse enjoys.


You will need to make up 4 feeds a day - ALWAYS make up the Wiesencobs fresh, as they will go rancid if left soaking for hours. Wiesencobs take about 20 minutes to soak.


Please contact us if you need more information or feeding suggestions.



Q:  How do Agrobs hay substitutes compare to hay or haylage?


A: Through careful harvesting and conservation by hot air drying, it gives your horse a premium product that has a consistent nutritious quality - free from moulds or dust . The high crude fibre is maintained and you can be assured of the analytical values for safe feeding at any time of the year, especially Autumn and Winter when their turn out pasture is poor.


Q: What amount of water is needed to soften Cobs?

Depending on the desired consistency, every horse has a preference  - 1 kg Wiesencobs with 1.5 to 3 litres of water



Q: I'm on a tight budget - what would you recommend?


A: In our opinion, unmolassed sugar beet is inexpensive and an excellent product - o% starch, 5% sugar and a high digestible energy of 12mj/kg. You can mix it with Wiesencobs (meadow cobs) for a good nutritious feed that will provide your horse with slow release energy. We would suggest a combination of 70% Pre Alpin Wiesencobs with 30% sugar beet. Always soak sugar beet according to the manufacturers recommendations and rinse thoroughly after soaking to remove excess iron.



Q: Are Pre Alpin products guaranteed to be free of toxic weeds?


A: Yes, all the pasture and meadows are either owned or contracted to Agrobs GmbH, which enables strict controls over

the entire production.



Q: How are the Wiesencobs (Meadow cobs) made


A: The natural moisture in the grasses and herbs bind the fibres and the careful pressing process makes the cobs



Q: How do I know if there is too much herb in Pre Alpin forage products which could cause a problem to my horse


A: The sowing of the pasture is strictly controlled by Agrobs, they guarantee that no more than 0.5% of the product is meadow herbs.



Q: How can you guarantee low sugar and starch in your forage products


A:  The grasses are from low sugar varieties, Agrobs do not use high sugar types.



Q: What is the recommended feeding for the Agrobs hay replacement products?

1 kg of the Agrobs hay replacement products basically replaces 1 kg hay.
You need to individualize feeding to your

horses requirements, horses need to have between 1.5%-2% of their body weight in feed per day.



Q: Why are some of the Wiesencobs yellow - is this straw?

No, the lighter Cobs are produced from the taller grasses which are very high fibre - straw is never added to bulk our




Q: Is it better to use warm or cold water?

Both  - with warm water, cobs will soften quicker. Many horses like something warm to eat in winter too. If using warm water, this will intensify the smell of the herbs - some horses like this, some don't - so in this case use cold water.


Q: How long do the Wiesencobs keep for?

At least 1 year - always store off the floor in a cool, dry place, free from condensation and high air moisture



Q: Are any herbs added to your forage products?

No, the herbs are not added - Pre Alpin products are 100% pure and natural.



Q: Can Agrobs hay replacement products be fed to metabolically sensitive horses?

A: Yes, horses with metabolic issues are safe with Pre Alpin products. The total NSC (starch + sugar) is

under 10% - please see anaytical content. Please contact us if you would like to discuss in more detail.



Q: Can you help me formulate a feeding plan for my horse?


A: Yes we can, please contact Red Rufus feed advisores here in the UK - we are here to help. Tel: 07923 574769 or email: