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Agrobs only use the pure brewer’s yeast, which is not bound to the dreggs of the spent grain. AGROBS BREWERS YEAST is also appropriate for horses with a sensitive metabolism as part of a grain-free diet.

The high share of naturally contained B vitamins and amino acids makes for a versatile supplementary feed that fits every diet and enhances the nutrition of every horse of every age.

This product is produced without the addition of molasses, artificial flavourings, binder or preservatives.

Area of use

  • shiny coat, strong hoofs, healthy skin
  • provides natural B vitamins and amino acids
  • improves digestion and feed conversion rate

Feeding Recommendation

  • 25 g per 100 kg of body weight / day

Large horses: 150 g per day (600 kg body weight)
Small horses: 100 g per day (400 kg body weight)
(1 level measuring spoon = approximately 20 g)


Dried green fibres, brewer´s yeast (inactivated), extracted linseed shreds, rapeseed oil

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