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HIgh performance and endurance horses

Under weight and veterans requiring build up feed

Low protein also makes this an ideal feed for horses with kidney or liver problems, can be be combined with Protein Light Flakes to make a tasty feed


Agrobs use the entire corn plant - stems, leaves and cobs to make their unique Maiscobs. This ensures that your horse will receive not only energy but also sufficient raw fibre without their metabolism having to cope with too much starch

The plants are harvested at the optimum time, chaffed and immediately dried by a state of the art warm air dryer, this gentle preservation process ensures there will be no nutrient reduction or fermentation and creates a product with a high energy density;

The advantage of Maiscobs lies in their high raw fibre content combined with high energy density and low protein content just 6%, this ensures that the energy is released slowly in the large intestine which is highly beneficial for horses that have to perform at endurance activities.

Nervous and temperamental horses also benefit from the high content of slow digesting carbohydrates as it will not cause excitability.


Whole maize plant


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