Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes (Meadow flakes) 20kg

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For every horse - the hay flakes need to be soaked to fluff up to a short chop. Quick soak just 5 minutes!

Give as a stand alone bucket feed or add in another another favourite product to make up the perfect feed.

Great alternative to sugar beet.

Ideal for natives and good do'ers as a base or token feed, add a light chaff for variety or extending chew time.

Full or partial hay replacer when hay is in short supply or for veterans with poor teeth - 1kg of Flakes = 1 kg of Hay.

Also ideal to enhance bio diversity to diet for horses on mono culture hay and limited or no grazing especially during the winter months.


Wiesenflakes are sliced Wiesencobs but QUICK SOAK ready in 5 minutes .

The flakes are the perfect feed for veterans who need a full or partial hay replacer (no need to check for lumps) ensuring optimum forage intake. After soaking, the product has structure to the grass fibres that will maintain and restore healthy intestinal flora. The micro-organisms found in the large intestine are dependent on the flow of high quality fibre in sufficient amounts. If there is a continued lack of bio diverse high-fibre structured roughage, this can have far-reaching consequences on the your veterans health (e.g. destruction of intestinal flora, colic, stool water and emaciation).

Through careful processing, PRE ALPIN Wiesenflakes, as in all Pre Alpin products, is rich in nutrients and vital substances. It is also free from dust and mold spores and offers a high-grade and clean alternative to hay.


100 to 500 grams per 100kg of body weight per day, when fed as a chaff.

Full or partial hay replacer, 1kg of Flakes = 1 kg of Hay


Over 60 grasses and meadow herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps


Protein 8.80%
Oils and Fats 2.50%
Fibre 24.20%
Starch <1.00%
Sugar 9.30%
DE 8.50%

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