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Did you know that Agrobs were the original inventors of hay cobs, their original hay cobs have been a firm favourite with horses for over 30 years and also available in organically certified quality, called Bio WIesencobs.

The foundation of a healthy digestive physiology is a sufficient supply of high quality bio diverse forage otherwise your horse is at a greater risk of gut problems. In order to maintian a healthy intestinal flora, the mico organisms need a minimum content of raw fibre which can only be provided through forage.

Wiesencobs are the perfect base feed made from a unique blend of over 60 grasses and meadow herbs from the Bavarian meadows in the foothills of the Alps, this ensures a product that is rich in biodiversity, raw fibre, ideal protein levels for optimum horse nutrition, even with the low starch content, the high density provides stamina and power.

Wiesencobs guarantee consistent, high quality feed year round and will improve your horses digestion and vitality. Can be fed at high quantities for forage enhancement or weight gain.

Wiesencobs must be soaked prior to feeding - 30 minutes in 2-3 parts water.

Protein 9.3%  / Sugar ESC 8.73%  /  Starch 1%  /  Oil 2.9%  / DE 8.20 mj/kg


Basically Wiesenflakes are thinly sliced Wiesencobs, the flakes make for a quick soak product which is ready to feed in 5 minutes........same fabulous blend of over 60 grasses and herbs from the Bavarian Alpine foothills.

Suitable for all horses and can be fed in quantity for horses needing condition or to maintain their weight

Also the perfect feed for veteran horses with poor teeth or chewing ability lumps! Use as a full forage replacer, 1kg Wiesenflakes (dry weight) = 1kg of hay.

Wiesenflakes must be soaked prior to feeding - 5 minutes in 1 - 1.5 parts water.

Protein 9.3%  / Sugar ESC 8.73%  /  Starch 1%  /  Oil 2.9%  / DE 8.20 mj/kg


An outstanding product of gorgeous forage based ingredients which will tempt the fussiest of eaters........

60 grasses and herbs, apple, carrot, beetroot, parsnip, marigold and cornflower blossoms, blackberry  and raspberry leaves, black cummin, cold pressed linseed, rose hips and sunflower seeds.


Alpengrun Musli is a very versatile product, can be used a sole bucket feed for all horses - feed a token amount for good do'ers and higher quantity for horses in medium to hard work or for weight gain. Add to a base feed like Wiesencobs or one of Agrobs chaffs to enhance the daily feeding rations in a very special way.

This product delivers highly digestible fibre, natural organically-boded minerals and vitamins, antioxidants ,essential fatty acids as well as secondary plant nutrition.

Feed dry or dampen with water. 100 - 500 grams per 100kg of body weight.

Protein 12.5%  / Sugar ESC 8.6%  / Starch 3.7%  / oil 4.3% / DE 10.10 mj/kg


A perfect uncomplicated coarse structured hay chaff of over 60 grasses and meadow herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps with added linseed and camelina oil......simple, bio diverse, rich in nutritients and vital vitamins and minerals, free of dust and mould spores due to the careful warm air drying process.

Aspero can be added to any feed to enhance nutritional value and extend chewing time - uniquely versatile, can be used as a partial and full hay replacer. Feed before riding as it will provide a good mat in the stomach to avoid acid splash.

Feed dry or dampen with water.

Protein 9%  / Sugar ESC 8.6%   / Starch 1%  / Oil 3.5%  / DE 8 mj/kg


Horses without the ability to chew and are quidding hay and grass must be fed a hay replacer. 


Without sufficient natural raw fibre intake, your horse will lose weight, their intestinal flora will be affected and diarrhea or colics are a common consequence.


The basis for all horse nutrition is forage so if your veteran has difficulty ingesting this, then a sensible, proper alternative has to be fed. Trying to counteract this by feeding volumes of concentrated cereal based hard feed or high fibre substitutes of processed feed will only have short term benefits and in the long term the horses nutritional condition will worsen. Horses must have structure to the fibre they consume and this needs to be in provided by hay replacers made from grass, Pre Alpin Senior or Wiesenflakes are the perfect solution........ a haynet in a bucket!


Quantity: 1 kg of hay = 1kg of Senior or Wiesenflakes, horses require 1.5kg per 100kg of ideal body weight per day as a total forage replacer.

Senior can also be used for all horses who like/need a mash type feed eg. after surgery, teeth extraction, jaw problem, hydration or perhaps they just like mash type feeds.

Senior is also a perfect combo with the Alpengrun Mash for a gorgeous soft feed for horse with gut problems and as a daily feed for veterans.

Protein 8.6%  / Sugar ESC 9.35%  / Starch 2.2%  / Oil 2.7%  / DE 7.6 mj/kg



This product is in a class of it's own - winning the Equitana Innovation Product of the Year 2013.

Alpengrun Mash is now a market leading prebiotic feed in the UK for horses with gut problems, this product quickly soothes the gut due to the rich intestine nutrifying mucins and helps restore intestinal health by encouraging the growth of good bacteria in order to re-balance the microbiome.

Excellent for ulcers, IBD, colic from poor digestion, diarrhae from grass or hay/haylage or hard feed, FWS and digestion problems and gut sensitivity.

The Mash doubles as a feed and a supplement, feeding the recommended daily allowance should be followed to achieve optimum results. Can be fed long term daily as part of a natural species appropriate diet or if your horses is free from gut problems then feeding two or three times a week will help as a preventitive and maintain intestinal health.

Alpengrun Mash is also a great product for horses with metabolic issues EMS and Cushings, PSSM and KPU, talk with our feed advisors at Red Rufus if you would like more information about feeding horses with these conditions.

Alpengrun Mash is loved by 99% of horses, the lovely combination of these ingredients makes a highly palatable feed, Prenatura Fibres, Pre Alpin fibres, carrot, apple pommace, beetroot, parsnip, linseed, psyllium,

rose hip skins (seedless), fennel and caraway.


We recommend adding one of the Agrobs range of chaffs or Pre Alpin Senior to extend chewing time and to bulk the feed.

Perfect daily feed for veterans combine with Pre Alpin Senior to make a fabulous soft mash feed.


Quantity: 80-100 grams per 100kg of ideal body weight per day.

MASH MUST BE FED SOAKED - 2.5 to 3 parts water to 1 part Mash, 10 mins warm water and 15 mins cold.

Feed as soon as possible after soaking for best results.

Protein 13.7%  / Sugar ESC 9.7%  / Starch 3.7%  / Oil 4.3%  / DE 9.50 mj/kg


The superb combination of low energy grasses, herbs, green oat grass and straw infused with sunflower, rose, cornflower and hibiscus petals makes a very special low calorie chaff. 


Ideal for overweight horses and ponies and for those with uncomplicated feeding or low energy requirements.

Perfect chaff for horses with EMS due to the very low sugar ESC and starch.

The coarse fibre content prolongs chewing time creating better salivation for good digestion and supports dental and gut health.

Leichtgenuss can of course be offered to all other horses as a tasty treat or as an enhancement to the daily feed.

Quantity: 50 -300 grams per 100kg of body weight.

Can also be fed as a partial hay replacer, feed only 30% of total diet with Leichtgenuss.

Protein 9%  / sugar ESC 6.9%  / starch 1.4%  / Oil 2.4%  / DE 7.6 mj/kg


GRUNHAFER (Green Oat Grass chaff)

An innovative and different type of chaff to enhance your horses feeding enjoyment and fussy eaters love this product!

Green Oat grass belongs to the oat grass family and are harvested shortly after they bloom before starch deposits form in the seed, this provides a concnetrated feed, very low in sugar and starch but rich in raw fibre.

There are many positive benefits to feeding green oat grass, it stimultes the metabolism, helps to regulate the acid base balance and digestion and strengthen the immune system by delivering a great variety of natural vital nutrients.

We highly recommend this chaff for ulcer prone horse, ideal for feeding prior to riding to avoid acid splash.

Also an alternative option to feeding cereals, 1.2kg  Green Oats = 1kg cereal

Quantity: 100-500 grmas per 100kg of body weight

Protein 7.8%  /Sugar ESC  6 %   / Starch 2.25% / Oil 2.90% / DE 8.39 mj/kg



Myo Protein Flakes brings the nutrients of lush meadows to your horse’s feed bucket. Myoalpin® fibres are a combination of especially protein-rich meadow grasses and herbs which provide the basis for a valuable 100% natural source of protein - an ideal alternative to Alfalfa.


 A careful balance of plants from select meadows supplies your horse with essential amino acids, natural beta-Carotene and vitamin E even outside the grazing season. Myo Protein Flakes satisfies increased nutrient requirements for sport and breeding. It can also be a useful addition to compensate for loss of muscle tone due to illness or age.

Quick and easy to prepare, soak for just 5 minutes. Use in conjunction with other Agrobs products to feed the perfect diet to suit your horses requirements.

Protein 14.4%  / Sugar ESC 7.6%  / Starch 1.15%  / Oil 4.10%  / DE 8.03 mj/kg


LUCERNE+ (Alfalfa+)

If you love to feed alfalfa, this product is definately worth considering as an alternative to Dengie or Simple Systems.

This product contains the ideal mix of Bavarian alfalfa and green oat grass 4:1 and therefore combining the positive qualities of both plants. It ensures an optimal Calcium to Phosphorus balance and satisfies the extra requirement for high quality amino acids. Luzerne + is also suitable for sensitive horses needing a low sugar and starch chaff for their daily feed.

Agrobs lucerne is pure and natural, there are NO mould inhibitors (proprionic acid),  preservatives or additives.

Lucerne + also contains cold pressed linseed oil and is a coarse chop chaff.

Protein 12.40%  / Sugar ESC 7.6%  / Starch 1.40%  / Oil 2.40%  / DE 7.48 mj/kg

online store alpine green pellet bag.jpg

ALPENGRUN PELLET (Alpine Green Pellets)

Basically this product is very similar ingredients to Alpengrum Musli but in pelleted form, the ingredients are Prenatura® - fibres, linseed, carrot, rosehip, parsnips, beetroots, raspberry and blackberry leaves, cornflower blossoms.

Ideal product for horses needing a mash type feed or very fussy eaters - combine with Pre Alpin Senior to make a very tasty highly palatable and nutritious feed for veterans with poor teeth.

Can also be used for build up, just feed at higher quantity and use in combination with one of the chaff products and Agrobs Omega 3 Pure.

Pellets must  be fed soaked,  2 parts water to 1 part pellets for 30 minutes.


Protein 9.60%  /  Sugar ESC 7.60 %  / Starch 3.30% / Oil 4%  / DE 8.66 mj/kg  



Agrobs hay brix are compressed grasses and meadow herbs of over 60 different varities from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps pressed into approx 1kg cubes.

Can be fed as a forage replacer, a tasty snack,  treat or boredom breaker. Handy for taking to shows and competitions, will encourage eating.

Protein 7.5%  / Sugar ESC 9.60%  / Starch 1%  / Oil 1.9%  / DE 7.70 mj/kg

online store alpen heu.jpg

ALPEN HEU (Alpine Hay)

Fabulous high quality clean hay made from over 60 different grasses and meadow herbs.


The grasslands in the foot hills of the Bavarian Alps are a true natural treasure,  the perfect location provides the combination of altitude and calcium-rich soil where meadows grow rich bio diverse grasses and meadow herbs. Alpen Heu is harvested at the optimum time which ensures a low protein, sugar and starch content. The
unique composition of ingredients provides a variety of minerals, trace elements and vitamins, giving a great taste to Agrobs Alpine Hay,

This hay is free of dust and mould spores so ideal for horses who have respiratory problems.

Protein 6.9%  / Sugar ESC 6.7%  / Starch 1.34%  /  Oil 1.40%  / DE 7.52 mj/kg



KRAFTPAKET (Power Package)

Plant power for energy and performance consisting of Maize cobs, Lucerne Cobs and Myo Protein grasses.
Horses require additional energy-rich feed for increased physical activities (e.g. during growth, pregnancy or during tournaments and sports).
Kraftpaket consists of extremely efficient natural plant components, optimally combining protein-rich meadow grasses and herbs with alfalfa and entire corn plants, thereby providing your horse with highly digestible starches in addition to healthy, natural sources of protein. Kraftpaket’s fibre-rich combination is easily tolerated – digestion and metabolism are not burdened as in cases involving cereals.
Thanks to the controlled meadow cultivation as well as the gentle drying and processing of the entire plants, nutrients and vitamins can be preserved. Kraftpaket delivers high levels of essential amino acids, natural beta-carotene and vitamin E and meets the all-year needs of these vital nutrients for sport, stud and young horses.

Older horses can also benefit from Kraftpaket. In the winter months, veterans often requires extra protein and energy to maintain condition, Kraftpaket can enhance the daily feeding ration as required. 


Protein 13.80%  / Sugar 10%  / Starch 4.80%  / Oil 3.60%   / DE 7.79%



A gorgeous high-structure müsli consisting of a unique blend of whole black and yellow oats mixed with high-quality dried green fibres and lucerne. Its structure encourages chewing and boosts the digestibility of the oats.


This high-quality combination is supplemented by a variety of root vegetables, seeds, leaves and flowers creating a very palatable feed.  The additon of Linseed pellets and premium quality camelina and linseed oils complete the product, making it high in unsaturated fatty acids.

Oats also deliver easily-digestible starch as well as a generous portion of unsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids and mucilaginous substances. High-fibre components like air-dried grasses, herbs and lucerne provide natural vitamins. AGROBS HaferWiese – Strukturmüsli also contains essential amino acids to promote  muscle build up.

This product is ideal for horses in hard work due to high energy starch levels.

Protein 11.90%  / Sugar ESC 6.10%  / Starch 19.90%  / Oil 5.10%  / DE 11% mj/kg



Feeding high-performance sport horses or horses that are difficult to feed poses special challenges. When the ability to ingest feed is reduced, it becomes more difficult to ensure an adequate supply of energy while maintaining a sufficient amount of raw fibree. Accordingly, using energy-rich basic feed is indispensable for healthy nutrition.

The entire corn plant - stem, leaves, and cobs - is used to make AGROBS MAISCOBS. This ensures that the horse will receive not only energy, but also sufficient raw fibre without it's metabolism having to deal with too much starch.


The plants are harvested at the optimum time, chaffed, and immediately dried in an modern drying plant using warm air. This gentle preservation process ensures there will be no nutrient-reducing fermentation and creates a product with a high energy density.

The advantage of corn cobs lies in their high raw fibre content combined with high energy density and low protein content (6.40 % digestible raw protein). This ensures energy is released slowly and at a constant rate in the large intestine. This is a distinct benefit, especially for horses that have to perform at endurance activities such as distance, versatility and driving sports.

Nervous and temperamental horses also benefit from the high content of slow-digesting carbohydrates. Energy is released slowly and does not increase the excitability risk of nervous horses.

Maiscobs can be used as a conditioning feed.

Protein 6.40%  / Sugar NSC 6.94%  / Starch 20.20%  / Oil 2.10%  / DE 10.29 mk/kg




A special blend of low protein grasses, no herbs are added.


Protein Light is ideal for horses requiring a low protein feed due to liver or kidney problems. Also an excellent option for Nordic breeds like Icelandic or Norwegian horses who need low protein diets.


Excessive protein consumption that is not matched to requirements does not improve performance, but negatively impacts the metabolism. Excess protein has to be excreted via the liver and kidneys at an additional expenditure of energy. The formation of many liver detoxifying enzymes depends on trace elements.
This means that excessive protein uptake can lead to a deficit of trace elements, which in turn may cause allergies and exzemas so the right protein content is very important and often over looked.

These flakes are quick soak and ready in 5 minutes.

Protein 6.6%  / Sugar ESC 11%  / Starch 5.50%   / Oil 1.80%  / DE 8.10 mj/kg



Many aged horses have problems with sufficient hay intake and are often undersupplied with high-quality protein. HORSE ALPIN SENIOR solves both problems. The purely natural Myoalpin® fibres, especially high in protein, provide essential amino acids as well as structure that can be ideally digested.

This product contains the following ingredients: Myoalpin® fibres, maize flakes, barley flakes, linseed pellets, carrot flakes and a mixture of linseed and camelina oil.


The Maize and Barley flakes are thermally broken down providing highly digestible starch. The new formula is rounded off by cold-pressed linseed pellets as well as carrot flakes. HORSE ALPIN SENIOR is free from molasses, soya, preservatives, flavourings and additives.

Due to the high starch content this feed is not suitable for veterans with EMS or Cushings, please contact our feed help line for advice about feeding  metabolic veteran horses.

Protein 11.20% / Sugar ESC 5.50%  / Starch 21.70%  / Oil 3.3%  / DE 9.54 mj/kg



WIESENBUSSI (Meadow Kisses)

Horses absolutely love these treats!

It is very important that treats are healthy so they can be given without hestitation - there is where WiesenBussi comes in.

AGROBS WiesenBussi are cereal-free treats based on the trusted Pre Alpin dried green fibre. Selected ingredients such as warm air-dried grasses and herbs, root vegetables and fruit is not only tasty, but also healthy. In the receipe, AGROBS has paid particular attention to a low starch and sugar content ensuring that overweight horses or horses with metabolic problems can enjoy WiesenBussi too.

AGROBS WiesenBussi are suitable for all horses, pure and natural with no artifical additives, binders, flavourings or preservatives guarantees a superior and appropriate treat.

Wiesenbussi like all Agrobs products are free from soya and molasses.

Sugar ESC 6% / Starch 3.50%