We frequently get asked how we discovered Agrobs feeds and where did the name Red Rufus come from?


Red Rufus was my part bred arab horse whom I sadly lost to lipoma colic. We felt it a fitting tribute to call the company after him.


I discovered Agrobs after one of my veteran horses had life threatening seizures due to an extreme allergic reaction to soya. It was back in 2008 and there was absolutely nothing available to feed him. I also needed a total forage replacer as he was losing his teeth and unable to chew grass or hay, Sam also had cushings and EMS.


It was after two weeks of phoning around UK and Europe that I eventually found Agrobs. I felt as if I had found the holy grail of horse feed. It enabled me to feed Sam with species appropriate ingredients and the perfect hay replacer - his haynet in a bucket. Sam lived on soaked Wiesencobs as his forage replacer for 8 years along with Pre Alpin Senior and Alpengrun Mash for his meal times. He passed away with heart failure at the incredible age of 38. His legacy is Agrobs being in the UK.




                                    INVESTING IN THEIR FUTURE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS



All of us at Red Rufus are passionate about horses, we hear so many stories from owners regarding issues with their horses and ponies all of which one of us has encountered during decades of caring for our own. Many of these problems are due to diet. In our opinion, Agrobs is one of the best feeds in Europe - they have a raft of professionals producing these feeds for our horses from Agricultural Scientists, Equine vets, Nutritionists and their farmers who cultivate and harvest the crops.


Agrobs feed is totally unique because of where it's grown and the way in which they produce their products, many companies try to imitate their genius but always fall short on quality and content and cannot guarantee the product analysis. Agrobs is totally transparent and produce a new analysis each year for the new harvest so horse owners are well informed about their products. Many feed companies only provide these every 3-5 years. Agrobs also has GMP+ certification for feed hygiene and safety -  companies who are approved GMP status are closely monitored and checked which is your guarantee that your horses feed has the highest quality controls.


There is no truer phrase than 'No gut - no horse!'. There is no substitute for what nature provides, horses are plains animals, they're pure herbivores evolving over thousands of years. Now we have domesticated them does not mean their gut has changed nor their basic feeding requirements - Agrobs feeds provides the correct nutrition by working with nature with pure and natural ingredients uncontaminated by chemicals. additives and preservatives.


Many health and behaviour issues stem from incorrect feed and poor forage, it is vital for your horse's health and happiness that they have bio diverse forage and species appropriate ingredients in their feed to ensure their intestinal health. Horses also  need to be allowed  to live like a horse ie. plenty of turnout time for grazing, play and socialisation - this is vital for their mind, body and soul. All horses need to be able to express natural behaviour.


There are new management methods these days involving track systems or limited to no turnout or full turnout with virtually no grass, total hay diets with mono species grass like Timothy or Rye or limited meadow mixes. In time, this will take its toll on a horses gut. Agrobs forage only products can be used to enhance forage intake providing the biodiversity to your horse's diet with over 60 grasses and herbs that are nutrient rich due to the naturally fertile soils at the foothills of the alps.

Agrobs have 22 feed products so there is a perfect feed for every horse. Please see the online brochure.

As of 2017, Agrobs is now sold in 115 stores nationwide and we are adding new retailers every month. If you don't have a retailer near you or they dont hold a particular product you may want - please contact us directly, we can send the feed to your door by DPD for just £2 per bag mainland UK!


You can also order directly for pallets of feed for your livery yard - please ring for more information.


If you need feed advice, please feel free to contact us on 07923 574769 - we are here to help you find the right product for your horse and discuss any issues you are having with your horses diet. 


Agrobs vets are also able to be contacted if you have a serious health issue and require feeding advice please email