•  Biodiverse and species appropriate pure & natural ingredients 

  •  Crops grown without pesticides & herbicides

  •  No GM seed bases

  •  No binders, additives, preservatives, mould inhibitors or flavourings

  •  No soya or molasses


Every bodily function in your horse depends on sound nutrition of which high quality raw fibre (forage) is a vital component. Metabolic and insulin resistance issues are on the rise due to the amount of sugars and high glycaemic ingredients in their diets. This is partly due to the ready-to-eat processed cereal /grain equine feeds. While they may taste good, they are not always good for your horse. Horses are grazing animals; their digestive tracts were not designed to process things they would not normally find in a field or meadow. Feeds with excessive amounts of sugar or starch should be avoided as this may lead to colic, founder, or tying-up in horses. High fat  content may compromise glycogen storage and excessive protein may lead to problems associated with ammonia production.


Fibre is an energy source that is often overlooked in horse nutrition. Horses have a highly developed hindgut that houses billions of bacteria and protozoa capable of fermenting large quantities of fibre. The end products of fibre fermentation can be used as energy sources throughout the day, since fermentation continues long after a meal has been consumed. This is known as slow release energy. Proper gut function is essential to the health and well-being of your horse, so Agrobs feeds should be considered an essential for providing the correct

nutrients and vital substances to your horses diet.


Every year, more horse owners are turning to forage mixed rations; recognising that this is better source of nutrition, without compromising energy and performance levels. As we all know, horses are at their best with spring and summer pasture - feeding Agrobs products will give your horse the equivalent benefits at any time of year. Agrobs harvest at the optimum time and their unique process preserves all the taste and nutrients to keep your horse at its best.


Agrobs  feeds are high in fibre, low in sugar, starch and protein but full of minerals and vitamins, nutritious and safe feeds for every horse.  Horses love the fresh alpine meadow smell of Agrobs feeds which are also very palatable. Our product range is equally suitable for horses with EMS (insulin resistance), PPID (cushings), laminitis, respiratory problems, food sensitivities and those recovering from illness. Agrobs feeds will not irritate the gut because of their purity so ideal for horses with a severely compromised gut eg, ulcers, IBD, intestinal inflammation.


 Agrobs  feeds are 100% pure and natural,  no preservatives, additives, binders or fillers and versatile in use:


  • Substitute for a concentrate feed

  • Mix and match Agrobs products - create your own recipe to your horses taste preference

  • All products can also be fed as a sole bucket feed

  • Forage enhancer - boost your horses forage ration with Wiesencobs, Wiesenflakes, Aspero or Senior

  • Forage replacer—when turn out is limited or poor grazing or horses with poor teeth

  • Mix with water - most horses prefer feeds moist. Also ideal for re-hydration after competition or making a mash for veterans


So why not convert to Agrobs feeds for your horse and see the difference? Want to try before you buy - please contact us and we will send  samples.


Please contact us if you have any questions about feeding your horse with Agrobs products - we are here to help.







Haferwiese (Oat Musli)

Wiesencobs (Meadow cobs)

Alpengrun Mash

Alpengrun Musli